Youth Education Circle

Circle Leaders: Amanda Banazak (10 and up); Barb Lain (9 and under)  

We treasure our kids! They are the future of our families, of our TLCUU Community, and of our world, and we never forget that for a moment. No matter how old or young your children are, they are welcome with us. This sums it up: Two of our members were overheard in conversation not long ago. One, a new mom, said, “I’m so sorry. Did you mind very much when my baby was crying during the service?” The other person just looked at her and smiled. “I didn’t hear any crying,” he said. “I just heard singing.”

A formal education program is tough to plan in a small community. Sometimes we have six or seven kids in the house, and occasionally none at all. But our youth leaders (both experienced teachers) have age-appropriate activities, play and projects available that reinforce the ideas central to our community, and involvement by other TLC members – perhaps you! – is always welcome, and one of the people listed above would love to talk with you about it.