Tensions Rising…

There seems to be a wave of nationalist activity, that up until now has remained under the surface, breaking through political, social, and religious cultures the world over, with Britains voting to leave the EU, mostly due to desiring stricter immigration regulations that would prohibit or significantly inhibit those coming from parts of the world deemed unsafe – mostly the Middle East…while here at home, the rhetoric of fear and hate has gained political backing by those spouting similar messages of wanting to restrict immigration and ban Muslims from entering the U.S… meanwhile the NRA shamelessly promotes an eye for an eye, adamantly declaring that a “bad guy with a gun must be met with a good guy with a gun,” even after another devastating mass shooting killing 49 people at a gay club in Orlando with an assault riffle.

The anger of the people is being met by the anger of an Earth who has been raped repeatedly, while we human perpetrators continue to traffic Her for treasures she has spent millions of years cultivating through eons of cycling through birth, life, death, and rebirth, the complexities and costs which we diminish through greed, waste, irreverence, and ignorance. Exponential numbers of non-human animals on the planet are suffering at our hands. The epidemic of dis-ease caused by our greed, by our false understanding that we are at the top of the “food chain” rather than one strand in a web of relationships imperative for feeding and nourishing each other, is spreading like the bubonic plague.

How can we remain so blind!? So constricted in sight, mind, and heart so as to ignore the pain we are inflicting on sentient beings who share the spirit of Life with us and are part and parcel of what makes it possible for us to experience the spirit of Life at all?

The tensions between “us” and “them” are ratcheting up, the tide is turning, a violent vibration feels as if it is about to blow, and I watch myself as I watch the unfolding, wanting desperately to make a difference, to model a different way, to wake up FULLY myself, so I can surrender fully to the under-tow trying to take us out further into the limitless ocean of Oneness, where diversity is celebrated, life and death honored for the sanctity they hold in the Divine Unfolding, and Love the current carrying us ever-more deeply into the dance of life, which includes death and destruction.

Maybe we are moving more deeply into a period, an epoch of Great Death, the horrible necessity of transformation. The bigger the death, the greater the rebirth…hopefully. I wonder if humanity will survive what is sure to be for us a painful and difficult transformation…

It may be time to consider what constitutes a good death…so that I might be an instrument of new life…not to offer myself as a martyr to the cause, but to participate most fully and whole-heartedly in it – no matter how it unfolds. Loving all the way…because I know, deep down that fear has nothing on Love, that hate cannot stand in the same space as Love. So cultivating True Love, True Acceptance of Self and “other,” of Reality is the only protection I/we have to ensure Love’s legacy among humanity.

Love endures. I have no doubt about that. But can humanity do what we need to do to allow the human heart to remain part of the landscape upon which it endures? That, I’m afraid is the choice before us. And if our answer is yes, yes we want to be part of the Love and Life that endures, then we MUST, with HASTE, learn to harmonize, revere life in all its forms, and resist the temptation to take more than we need.

I fear we may be too far into dis-ease and death, to see the other side of life synthesize into greater harmony and health. But if I can at all be part of the antidote, a small dose of the medicine that makes healing possible, let me be that, let my whole life, every part of my life – be that. Just that. More and more I commit to “doing no harm” to self, other, earth, ocean, air, and sky. Let evidence of my life disintegrate as I integrate more cohesively into the web that sustains me.

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