Membership Circle

Circle Leader: Larry Lain 

TLCUU is a growing community, and we’d like to continue to be. We also have a need to keep track of our members and friends so we can communicate with them about what’s going with TLC. The Membership Circle, often working with other circles, develops plans to get the word out to the wider Dayton-area community about what a special place TLCUU is, and inviting visitors it thinks could find a spiritual home among us. This Circle also keeps and makes available a comprehensive list of TLC members and friends. In many important ways, our community is a family (one that has a family reunion every Sunday, which would be a scary thought applied to most of our biological families!) and we want to be able to keep track of our TLC family.

This Circle also provides information packets for visitors and others interested in learning more about TLCUU, and orientation materials for prospective and new members of our community.

If you’re social, well-organized, or both, maybe you should offer to give this Circle Leader a hand. It would be appreciated.