Fundraising Circle

Circle Leader: Lori Malko

Member contributions account for only about three-quarters of what it takes to operate TLCUU. The rest comes from fund-raising activities. Don’t be surprised, though, if you hear members refer to it as fun-raising, because we have a great time working together. Candy-making weekend is one of our year’s highlights and we have a ball together, even while we’re producing what is absolutely the finest toffee available anywhere on Planet Earth. Our participation in the Trash & Treasure community yard sale sponsored by our very own St. Anne’s Hill historic neighborhood has become an important part of our year, and we’re always on the lookout for new and profitable ideas that will help us top off our budget and provide another reason to hang out with each other.

Whether you’re an idea person who can bring energy and creativity to our fund-raising process, or the kind of sturdy volunteer who can help things run smoothly, we need your help. A good start would be to drop a note right now to the Circle Leader at the top of this page.