Beautification and Facilities Circle

Circle Leader: Alex Moreda

In a sense, every member of TLCUU is a member of our Beautification Circle, because when there’s work to do, almost everybody pitches in. But the Circle itself is usually the group doing the planning. Big projects, like painting our Tree House in the green and purple TLC colors when we bought the building (a vast improvement, everyone agreed, over the dingy battleship gray we inherited), or sanding and painting the floor take a lot of effort from the whole community. Smaller, more regular jobs like a periodic grounds and alley pickup or deep kitchen cleaning are just as necessary but require fewer people and can be passed around. Those just take a few people to coordinate them and gather volunteers.

Our Tree House is more than 140 years old. You’re probably not that old but you don’t have to be much past 30 before you start to feel a little creaky. So imagine how our building must feel! Fortunately we have some able members who are able to soothe its aches and fix up the things that don’t work as well as they did when our building was a mere youth of only 50 or so.

You don’t have to climb on the roof (Actually we’d rather you didn’t) or be a master carpenter to be a part of this circle. Anybody who has ever owned or rented a home probably has an assortment of skills we can use. Drop a note to the Circle Leader above so we can put that skill set – no matter how modest or how extensive it is – to good use to keep our space healthy for another century or so.

If you’re good at creating homey, welcoming spaces, get satisfaction from making someplace look its best,  are good at planning and organizing, or you hit nails more than your fingers with a hammer,  you might want to talk with the Circle Leader. We can use you!