When You Visit

We hope that what you find on our website makes you want to get to know us a little better. If so, join us some Sunday! We gather at 10:30, though you’ll find people milling around before that and someone is sure to welcome you. The main entrance is off the parking lot at the back of the building at the parking lot, although on nice days the McClure Street doors are probably open, too.

If you’re willing, stick on a name tag from the table near the door so we can greet you by name, but we promise not to make visitors uncomfortable by making them stand up during the service and introduce themselves. (We’d be thrilled, though, if you wanted to do that!)

On the table with the name tags, feel free to pick up the brochure Visitor’s Guide to the Tree House, which will give you a thumbnail view of our community. You might also be interested in the booklet you’ll find there, What It Means to be a Seeker. This is a printed copy of a sermon from our minister in 2012 that one member felt was such an articulate expression what most of us are trying to do spiritually that he had it printed and keeps a supply of the booklet available for visitors and members. You will also find on the table an information card we invite you to fill out with a little information about you, if you’re comfortable sharing it. We might give you a call or drop you an email later to find out what you thought about your visit, but we promise not to harass you or to beg money from you.


Time & Location

Our Sunday morning services are at 10:30 a.m. at 1630 East Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio 45403