Our Tree House

When TLCUU was a small, new community, we rented space for Sunday Gatherings from other churches and organizations, including a yoga center and martial arts center, but by early 2012 we had grown to the point where we not only needed our own space, but finally were in a position to make an offer on a modest home. We were determined to stay in the city of Dayton, looking for an opportunity to help revitalize a city neighborhood.

After a nearly yearlong search, we had an opportunity to buy a wonderful old building in Dayton’s St. Anne’s Hill Historic District. Built in 1875, the building had been over its 137-year life a private home, a neighborhood grocery store, a dry cleaner and for the previous quarter century a church for two or three other religious denominations.

A fund-raising drive among TLC members raised enough to put a down payment on the building and to secure financing for the rest, and on December 20, 2012, Pastor Mary Reaman and Board President Rita Cyr signed the papers for a home of our own! On January 13, 2013, the Tree of Life Community met for the very first time in our own space. We finally had our own Tree House!

Since then we’ve renovated our home inside and out with the sweat equity of our members and friends, and integrated ourselves into the life of this historic Dayton neighborhood. Please visit us any time and let us welcome you into our home!