Creation Spirituality Essentials

In contrast to traditions that speak of Original Sin, or the inherent unworthiness of humankind, Creation Spirituality is rooted in the principle of Original Blessing, the idea that we and all creation embody the divine. We, and every bit of the star-stuff that make up the universe have this spark of divinity. We are all part of Creation’s Spirituality.

Creation Spirituality recognizes six essential principles:

  1. The Universe, and all life within it is fundamentally a blessing.
  2. It is through the work of spiritual practice that we move beyond fear into compassion, and discover our deep and true selves.
  3. The spiritual journey can be understood as a dance moving in and out of four evolutionary paths essential for growth:
    • awe, delight, amazement, joy
    • uncertainty, suffering, death, letting go
    • creativity, resurrection, passion
    • justice, healing, celebration, follow-through
  4.  Every one of us carries within us the capacity to be a mystic (lover), artist (creative), and prophet (visionary) and it is our responsibility to cultivate these capacities for the benefit of the world.
  5. We rejoice in and courageously honor the rich diversity within the Cosmos, which is expressed in the evolutionary process, every individual, all cultures and traditions, old and new.
  6. Working for justice is our priority as it is imperative for the healing, sustainability, and harmony among our species and the entire Earth community.

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