2015 – Spring Newsletter


Tree of Life Community:
A Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Sunday Services – 10:30am
Corner of 5th & McClure
Dayton, Ohio 45403
From Your Pastor: Rev. Mary H. Reaman, D. Min.
It is so good to be welcoming spring after what felt like a terribly long winter! We’ve got some great spring plans so please read the whole Leaflet and consider plugging in where you are able!
Our building is showing its age! We are having some pretty serious plumbing issues. Until further notice our restroom facilities are only available for light duty (#1 only). We have also discovered a pretty serious growing mold problem upstairs. It is likely due to the fact that the gas heaters used up there add to the moisture inherent in old, brick structures. We will need to clean, treat, and paint the walls, as well as purchase a dehumidifier, and this is not something we can put off for very long. The costs for maintenance and repair that these issues will need in order to be resolved are not in our budget!
We have a couple of opportunities to raise some money with the upcoming Trash and Treasure sale and by selling food at the Troubadours of Divine Bliss House Concert on June 6th, but we will need your help in the way of donations and volunteer hours in order to do that so please consider helping in any way you can to make these events successful.
This May I will be on retreat from May 9th through May 23rd. I will be unplugged completely – no email, no facebook, no phone, except in the case of an emergency. I try to retreat at least once a year, but last year with the move into the building and the intensity of my schedule, and other responsibilities due to my role on the Creation Spirituality Communities board, I was not able to do so. I have discovered over the years that such time is essential for me to remain fresh, connected, and renewed so I am looking forward to two whole weeks of silence, connection with Mother Nature, and my friend, JC. I invite your good thoughts, prayers, and positive support as I reconnect with Mystery and discern the next steps in my spiritual journey.
I look forward to enjoying some impromptu gatherings this spring and summer at the Brew Pub or some other relaxed setting where we can enjoy a cold one and each other!
Peace and Good.
Each month the Leaflet highlights one or two Tree of Life Community members, who have generously shared their gifts with our community! This month please join me in showing appreciation for Lori McClain!
Lori has been working with Barb Lain and Laura Guy to reboot our youth program! Giving her time and energy to supporting the spiritual growth of our kids is often a thankless job and one that proves difficult in getting other adults to support with time and energy. Lori we thank you for your willingness to serve our kids, for sharing your creativity, and reminding us that our young people deserve to feel fully supported as members of Tree of Life Community!


Please keep Bev Francis, and her partner, Suzanne Croteau in your thoughts and prayers as Bev recovers from open-heart surgery that took place on Friday, April 3rd. If you’d like to let them know your thinking about them email them at Besuz1111@gmail.com.
Fred Brinkman’s sister, Ginger died Tuesday, April 7th. Please keep him and his wife Agnes and their family in your thoughts and prayers as they celebrate Ginger’s life and come to terms with her death.




SPRING CLEAINING DAY ~ Sat., April 25th, 9am-2pm
The Facilities and Beautification Committee invite you to join us on Saturday, April 25 to do some spring cleaning of our Tree House. Even if you only have an hour or two please consider giving us your time to get give our Gathering space, kitchen, upstairs, and our outside areas a good cleaning. We would like to mop floors, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, re-organize the closets in the main space, put the screens in the windows, rake leaves, and spray down the front of our building, and more – so we can use all the help we can get!
Please plan on joining us on Sunday, May 3 when we welcome the following people into our TLC family: Lisa Merry, Lily Merry, Tammy Reed, Karen Reed, and Lauren Becker!
On Saturday, June 6th we are going to do it all! We’ll begin the day by participating in St. Anne’s Hill Trash & Treasure sale. We’d also like to have good representation at the Dayton Gay Pride Parade so we’ll line up behind the library at 11:30am for a 12pm step off. Trash & Treasure will wrap up around 3pm at which time we’ll set up for our House Concert that evening with the Troubadours of Divine Bliss and Bill Wendel’s band, The Barflies, who will open for them!

TRASH & TREASURE: Trash & Treasure, St. Anne’s Hill’s annual neighborhood-wide garage/yard/sidewalk sale will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2015 and TLC will participate from 7am-3pm. We would like to use the opportunity to raise some funds so please consider donating your gently used treasures. Clean out your closets, basements, and drawers and donate your used household items, trinkets, toys, etc. so we can sell them at it the sale. The only clothing we will take for the sale is baby clothing. At 3pm on Saturday, all items still left from the sale will be loaded into a truck and carted off to a thrift store. If you donate something and want it back if it does not sell, you’ll need to pick it up before 3pm Saturday!

We need your baked goods! We will also be selling coffee, hot dogs, hamburgers, black bean burgers, chips, soda, water, and baked goods through out the Trash & Treasure event and at the house concert that evening. Please consider making and donating some baked goods. Please package them in single serving sizes so they can be sold at both the Trash & Treasure sale and the House Concert.
We will need volunteers throughout the day to work the grill, manage the cash station, price merchandise, set up, tear down, and work the crowd! We are also in need of coolers for cold beverages, and tables and pop-up canopies for displaying merchandise. If you are willing to let us borrow any of these items you can bring it TLC on any Sunday between now and then. A volunteer sign up sheet is hanging up on our bulletin board. Please consider helping us out for a shift or two!

GAY PRIDE PARADE: Join us at 11:30am, also on Saturday, June 6, at Cooper Park, which is located just behind the Main Library (Third & St. Clair) for the parade line up! Wear your TLC t-shirts and look for our yellow banner. This is always a fun and joyful event and we’ve had great turn out the last few years! Let’s keep it up!

TROUBADOURS OF DIVINE BLISS HOUSE CONCERT AT TLC! Our Troubadours of Divine Bliss will cap off what promises to be an eventful and exciting day for our community with a house concert. Bill Wendel’s band, The Barflies, are considering doing a few opening numbers to kick off the evening! Admission: $10 at the door! We will have hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, baked goods, water and soda for sale.

Saturday,June 20th join us fora TLC canoe and kayak adventure! Be at Mad RiverAdventures by 9:20am for a 10am launch on the 7 mile trip! Mad River Adventures is not yet open for their season, but as soon as we are able we’ll let you know costs for kayak and canoe rentals. This is approximately a 4 hour trip so you’ll want to be sure to bring snacks and water, maybe even pack a lunch! Put this on your calendar now so you don’t miss out!
Tai Chi
Mondays 6:30-7:30pm
$12 per class drop-in fee
$10 if you buy 5 or more
All are welcome!
Full Moon Drum Circle!
Held each month on the full moon
7 to 9pm ~ All are welcome!
Come release all that no longer serves you. Get rid of that extra energy on the full moon with dance, drumming, and song. Bring any musical instruments you enjoy to play.
All are welcome!
New Moon Red Tent!
Held onthe new moon of each month.
A place for women to nourish themselves for a night, support each other, and set intentions for the coming moon cycle.
5 to 7pm being time – Relax, journal, meditate, and nourish your soul
7 to 9pm intentions/ sharing time – A time to give voice to soul seeds growing in your depths!


TLCUU – Tree of Life Community: A UU Congregation is rooted in the principles of Creation Spirituality and the UUA. If you’d like to learn more about Creation Spirituality you can do so by exploring these websites: www.originalblessing.ning.com and www.matthewfox.org and www.csourcewisdom.com. If you’d like to learn more about Unitarian Universalism you can explore at www.uua.org. All are welcome at TLC!
We have two email lists that will be used for communications: to and by members. Yahoo email groups are a quick and concise way to communicate with a group of people: from small to large! People can manage their own subscriptions: choose to get emails once a day or as they are sent. You can also choose to “no mail” and read your email on the yahoogroup website. Another benefit is not sending emails to those who no longer wish to receive them … they manage their own subscription!
We have two lists: TLCUU-Conversation and TLCUU-News. The News list will be for News about the Congregation and our members (Pride Parade, Camp Out, Dinner Groups, etc.). The Conversation list will be for posts where we may want feedback (looking for a painter? a babysitter? someone to fix your computer?).
Over the next few weeks, everyone who has not subscribed to News list will be added. This is how we will communicate officially with our membership. Mary and Dan will no longer be using their compiled list of email addresses. If you are a Founding Member, you will be automatically added. If you are not, and would like to be added, please email Barbara at (barbarasoaps@gmail.com).
You can also add yourself by sending an email to:
Mary Reaman,D. Min.
or via email at reamko@gmail.com
Susan Tyner
Bill Wendel
Larry Lain
Lori Malko
Mary Reaman, D. Min.
TLCUU Board Meetings
Are held every third Tuesday of the month at our Tree House (March 18th) from
All are welcome.
Members who wish to address the board are welcome to do so in accordance with the following guidelines:
1. Requests must be received by the Chair at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.
2. The total time for each presentation, including Q & A, will be a maximum of 15 minutes.
Rita Cyr is our Board Chair and can be emailed at rcyr@
Our Sunday services take place at 10:30am at the corner of 5th and McClure, Dayton, OH 45403
Tree Talk! After each Sunday service all are invited to stay for coffee, fellowship and Tree Talk. Tree Talk is an opportunity to discuss the day’s service and sermon and how it challenges, calls or affirms you on your spiritual journey.
Corner of 5th & McClure, Dayton OH 45403


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